Toolkits, Open Source Packages, Web Optimization
Search Engine Optimization 3 years
Google Analytics
(Funnels, Filters, Goals, Implementation, Configuration)
3 years
Drupal 5/6/7 CMS
(Implementation, Extensive custom module development, templating, configuration, maintenance, and migration)
4 years
Joomla 1 CMS
(Implementation, templating, configuration, maintenance, and migration)
2 years
Programming/Scripting Languages
(OOP Design Patterns with PHP5, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii Framework, Extensive Drupal 6 module development)
11 years
MySQL/ANSI Standard SQL 11 years
Standards compliant CSS 9 years
XML 9 years
(DOM scripting, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ext JS Prototype+Scriptaculous)
10 years
ActionScript 1.0 6 years
ActionScript 3.0 1 years
Media Creation
Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady 14 years
Adobe Illustrator 10 years
Adobe Flash 7 years
Microsoft Office 10 years
Video Editing 10 years
Adobe After Effects 9 years
Discreet 3D Studio MAX 3 years
Audio and music production
(Mixing, composition, recording, micing, and arranging. I'm not messing around. This is where the rent money goes.)
6 years
I shoot a Canon 60D for photos and video. I've been shooting both formats for years for fun and profit, but mostly for fun. This is where the rest of the rent money goes.
10 years

Skill Set

It goes without saying that I'm a bit of a geek. I started developing websites that discussed my interests in 1996, during my last few weeks of high school. I did sites for EFNET IRC channels, my Quake clan, game developers, gaming events. I was pretty sure this would all dovetail into a career designing game textures, levels, and if I ever had the chops, my own independent games — code and all. Also, as if it wasn't painfully obvious, I've done a bunch of different things. This might seem detrimental to mastery to some, but I say they just sleep too much. I like thinking of all this stuff as a means to make games or goofy movies at a moment's notice and be self sufficient, but I digress.

About a year after I started doing web design for things that didn't matter so much, I was getting commissions to do site designs from contacts in the games industry, including Don MacAskill, founder of SmugMug. At that point, doing web design and code felt right. Doing levels for Quake 2 would often times take 40-60 hours with no custom textures, whereas an entire website could be tailor made in that timeframe and offered far more opportunities to learn new things, while allowing more time for original artwork as well. Best of all, people actually pay for websites!

Since then, I've greatly enjoyed experimenting a great deal more with multimedia production and I find my very favorite thing to do in my free time these days is to crack open Ableton Live or FL Studio or walk around pointing the fuzzy end of my field recorder at things that make interesting sounds. I currently working on releasing my first album, but most of it is already technically in the wild now and can be found here on SoundCloud.