Contributed multinational support for the PHP driven K-12 sales seminar and webinar registration tools, in addition to adding support for more complex series subscriptions and recurrences.


I helped produce quick-turnaround static and flash banners for AMD's gaming sector for both their Radeon and AMD Phenom brands. I have also attended the BAPCO consortium with AMD at Sony in 2010, acting as a content creation consultant. (Oh yeah! And I got one of my electronic music compositions used in SysMark 2011! Rock!)

Previously, with Tocquigny, I developed several enews components for an Athlon XP reseller campaign, in addition to reseller supplementary materials. Also contributed to an Addy-winning Athlon64 Flash demo.

GalleryDirect / New Era Portfolio

Contributed many usability features to a fairly complex product customization targeted at a not-so-technical market. Restructured and scaled the entire web infrastructure from a dedicated hosting solution, onto a cloud hosting solution with Rackspace Cloud. Provided marketing strategy including initiatives to expand the image bank through stock photography and external image libraries, thus expanding more customer choice. Developed automated FileMaker system to pipeline the creation of custom print files based on selected size, framing options, and in the case of a user uploaded file, file retrieval and staging for approval. Helped coordinate a partnership with

Data Foundry

Designed and coded front end for Data Foundry's current lead generation tool, as well as many supplementary marketing pages and elements to assist in targeting specific concerns of corporate customers. Also contributed materials to Data Foundry's neutral network initiatives that were presented in Washington before FTC committees, US senators, and like-minded audiences.


Provided one-stop solutions for many projects that included multiple layers of complexity including design, illustration, coding, content migration, and final implementation. Developed and strengthened identities for both Giganews, it's Giganews Accelerator product, and other affiliated sites and partners.

The Knot

Coded standards-compliant HTML pages, emails and interactive forms for internal projects at The Knot, The Nest, Prom Spot, Party Spot, and others, as well as many top-tier advertising clients such as JC Penney, American Express, Rose's Cocktail Infusions, Swiffer, Dodge, Walt Disney Resorts, and others. Interacted with regional account managers and other Knot staff in a nationwide multi-office infrastructure.


Developed content port tool, a migration program designed to provide an easy way to input regular expressions or CSS IDs as a means of extracting content from existing websites and migrate them into Convio's own content management system. In addition, I designed and developed many email and web templates for Convio's non-profit clients.


As part of the Tocquigny interactive team, I handled majority of the fast turnaround projects for Dell, including jump pages, catcher pages, eNews and email specials. In addition I contributed a Space Invaders remake to a Dell Flash demo. I also maintained the PHP codebase for Dell's NISOD academic knowledge base.

The 401K Company

Produced the front page for 401K's offshoot site FiduciaryDirect.Com. I also developed an affiliate site package which included user customizable graphics and implementation guide.


Developed jump pages and monthly eNews to complement Tocquigny's HP print services campaign.


Produced several eNews mailers for Tocquigny's PureCMS campaign, in addition to developing multiple pages for the GlobalScape website.


Contributed to the Seagate's Drive Calculator project, a Flash based utility for determining the best solution for the end user's storage needs. Also developed jump pages and the HTML based drive calculator.

Tocquigny Advertising

Handled most internal coding and web development projects including monthly enews, website maintenance, client work proofing site and contact management system. Also contributed to new business pitch materials for Fox Sports, UPS, and Sprint, as well as designing materials such as company wallpapers.


Designed front-end and coded the bulk of Schoolkey's back-end which included a fully featured weighted-average based grade book replacement, private messaging between teachers and parents, attendance manager, progress reports, and a full administration control panel.

Individual Network

Designed company logo and several screen decks for a pioneering company in the world of video-on-demand.